For Providers

Symbia Allergy exists to help non-allergist physicians add top-quality-allergy testing and immunotherapy services to their practices as an efficient, lucrative, low-effort ancillary service.

Are you thriving or is your practice barely surviving? Are you doing all that you can for your patients or are you so overburdened that quality of care is suffering? If so, it’s not your fault! Nearly all medical practices in the US are struggling right now. Ever-increasing administrative demands on top of full-patient panels, along with compressed reimbursements mean that you’re working harder and harder for every dollar earned. The bad news is that things aren’t going to get better on their own any time soon.

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The good news is that you can do something about it! Take action to boost revenue and increase your income without adding undue stress on you and your staff. This is where Symbia Allergy Solutions comes in. Symbia’s founders are medical providers who have lived your daily reality and have created a system to improve your practice and your life.

The allergy-care crisis represents a low-hanging fruit opportunity for non-allergist practices. Over 25% of Americans now have allergies, according to the American Association of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Meanwhile, the number of allergist is declining, leaving an allergy-care void. Reimbursements for allergy care have remained strong. This is why so many new companies have jumped into the allergy-services space. Most have cobbled together a bare-bones program, offering basic-allergy-test kits with minimal training and customer support and cheap-unproven-ineffective immunotherapy regimens. But Symbia is different and better…

Allergy is all we do and we do it well. Symbia not only provides allergy products and services, we provide a robust-yet-efficient system that streamlines allergy-care delivery. We make it simple for practices, like yours, to reap all of the patient-care-and-financial benefits of an in-office-allergy program, while minimizing the logistical burdens.

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